Operation Echo (Zit.Nr. Zit. 12047)

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Info about this Item:

This Urban War model was designed by "Thomarillion" and is now produced by Ziterdes in the well known and vaunted, wonderfully realistic hard foam of the company "NOCH".
Highly stable but light and easy to carry from game to game.
This model belongs to the "Urban-War-Series" by Ziterdes.
On some photos you can see a model painted by us to show how to improve the look and how the model fits to the other models of this series.
Only the first photo shows the delivery form of the model.
The figures shown on some pictures serve for size comparison purposes only. The copyright for these figures is hold by the company "PrivateerPress".

Base approx. 24 x 19 cm
Height approx. 14 cm

Thomas Reinheckel, Thomas Doll

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