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Room No. 5

Nr.: 00005

16,5 x 16,5 cm

6,95 € incl. 19% VAT.


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Modular dungeon room cast out of high-quality ceramic casting slip.
Weighing 300 gram, the rooms lie flat on the table and do not slip while playing.
The square measure of 2.7 cm leaves plenty of space for all common figures with bases of 20-25mm, and even mass fights will not end in hopeless confusion.
A simple tablecloth is ideal for the game with these panels, so that they will not slip the slightest bit.
The noble variety is to stick felt on the underside, then you may play very well on the bare table.
The rooms are supplied unpainted.
Due to the incredible number of details, painting is an easy job and a pleasure and does not require the abilities of a professional. A medium brush is enough. Even a chequered pattern does not require tiny brushes and is done as quickly as rooms in one colour. The colour is soaked up well by the material, thus will not rub off and does not need a lacquer sealing.
As the undercoating has been already done, you will easily be able to paint 10 rooms or more on a Saturday afternoon and so create a permanent game pleasure of lasting value in no time at all.

Sculptor: Thomas Reinheckel