Dunkelstadt (dark city)

All hail – stranger...

...friend or whatever you decide to be. Welcome to this place, a secret place, a world between twilight and first light, entwined around dark legends evolved since the dawn of time. The venerable ancients, once gave this place the name:

The houses nestle up against the towering hillside of the Nieselberg and its narrow alleys and walkways carve their way deep into the mountain ranges which are as old as the world. You will find unnoticed hideouts and dark corners, dead-ends, switchbacks and treacherous pathways that lead no-where. The catacombs are down under the earth´s surface, even further down than the sewers, drains or the river´s spring; they are dark and secret hidden paths which are only used by those who avoid the sunlight. Only a few people find the way to such place, fewer still will find the way back to daylight. They are like the dammed souls, whose only hope is that a miracle or death will help them to get out of this place - forgotten by all those attending their business high up in town. Become a part of Dunkelstadt, explore the tangle of tunnels, the labyrinth under this town and defeat your rival wherever you find a way to do so. Having the single 19 x 19 x 2 sized modules made of the incredible Structure-Foam in your hand, you are able to create your own astonishing maze that can be equalled by no other!

The expanse of the Base-set is 38 x 57 cm with a weight of 820 gram. Because of their rough underside the modules stay in their place, once you´ve put them on a tablecloth. Even after long and hard fights they keep their position.

The "Big-room-set" got a weight of 760 gram. So the gaming surface of both sets together has an expanse of 57 x 76 cm and a weight of 1580 gram!

So you don`t have to carry 10 kilos any longer for a gaming surface of that size ;-)

You can find the available sets of Dunkelstadt under Catalogue. Under Workshops you can see how easy the modules can be modified.

Here are some examples how to lay out your dungeon:

Examples I

Examples II